November 19th 2019 | Central London

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A revolution in AI Technology is already emerging, the UK has the opportunity to lead from the front and integrate AI into Public Sector organisations, transforming the way they operate and deliver services.

The UK Government’s AI Sector Deal outlines in detail the opportunities that AI offers and specifies the importance of strong partnerships between business, academia and government.

The Sector Deal signifies the start of that partnership, the Public Sector AI Summit gives these stakeholders the chance to meet, to learn more about the AI solutions that are available to government and to explore in detail what AI can really deliver.

The summit features sessions co-designed with our speakers and delegates to ensure we cover the very latest discussion topics, we will challenge our delegates to get involved, to pose questions, share ideas and learn from colleagues who are already seeing the benefits of AI.

Discussion Points:

  • What does AI mean for the Public Sector? Next generation of digital solutions for local government.
  • Ethics and humane use of AI
  • How will AI deliver predictive, proactive and personalised information for the public?
  • Automating interactions including enquiries about waste management and benefits claims.
  • Multiple automation run RPA Platforms 
  • Risk appetite for innovation, sharing risk more effectively.
  • Getting the infrastructure and connectivity right.
  • Improving CX and interaction with AI.
  • Machine Learning and design thinking.
  • Supporting the workforce, re-skilling for the future.
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness. Reducing council's workload whilst improving CX
  • Big Data, identifying population trends, designing services around the need.

Attendance will give you the chance to develop your AI strategic planning and to consider new approaches to how you maximise your organisations efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only will you be able to meet with colleagues from across the public sector who are implementing AI in their organisations, you will also have the chance to meet leading AI suppliers who will be on hand to answer your questions and to guide you through a whole host of solutions that can align with your objectives.

This is a great opportunity to hear some of the most exciting case studies, create a strategic action plan to support your objectives and get a clearer understanding of the most innovative solutions available to the market.